Spam Blocking.

Complete Blocking.

Our incoming mailserver now blocks connections from well known sources of SPAM (Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail). In our tests this has reduced the amount of spam by around 80%. We use the spam blocking lists (RBLs) at the Spamhaus Organization and SpamCop.

Also blocked are:

Further Tests.

After the complete blocks above, further analysis is carried out on the mail and the sending host.

We query further RBLs including: Abusive Hosts Blocking List, SORBS and several others.

We also make our own checks, based on information gleaned from the contents of the e-mail headers, including: a "callout" to verify the sender address, a check using GeoLite™ data created by MaxMind™, available from and a dspam check on the message body.

The results of all these tests are given a score. Additional SPAM emails are rejected based on this score.


Since no system if foolproof it is possible that legitimate sources of e-mail could be blocked. We can bypass the SPAM checks if so required by individual users. Please get in touch with the postmaster if you experience problems with particular senders unable to deliver mail to you.

Naturally we can only check mail that passes through our server. SPAM may still arrive directly to your ISP's mailbox. The solution is to use a POP3 mailbox on our server and ignore all other sources of mail.

Spamhaus et al maintain lists of IP addresses (computers) which have been identified as sources of spam. When a computer connects to our server it's IP address is checked against the databse. If there is a match then mail relaying by that computer is denied. The sending end will be presented with an explanatory rejection message. It is possible for an 'innocent' computer to be listed, virus infection is one way. The RBL databases have a de-listing procedure, sometimes it is automatic using a time limit and sometimes by direct application.

We DO NOT use the UCEprotect blocklists as they have an unacceptable listing policy.

This system does not currently protect your PCs against viruses. Users of the Windows™ operating system should install a virus scanner to check all incoming e-mails. See also our e-mail policy.

Any server with a static IP can apply for a whitelisting on our servers. Even if they are blocked by any of the above criteria.

Avoiding your own outgoing e-mails being classed spam.

Users who relay mail outwards through our server will not have their mail checked by us (Note however that spamming is against our Terms and Conditions). However at the receiving end it may be scanned by a similar system. Take these steps to avoid your legitimate mail being rejected or discarded:

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