POP3 Mailboxes.

POP3 mailboxes operate in the same way as a physical Post Office Box. E-mail is placed in your mailbox for later collection.

POP3 boxes allow mail to be pre-sorted for each employee. They have a box each. Employees can then access only their own mail upon connecting to the internet. It avoids having to have a separate ISP account for each employee.

Each box will have a hostname, username and password.
Set up your e-mail programme to fetch mail using these details, which we will give you. MS Outlook Express™calls these: "Incoming mail (POP3):", "Account name:" & "Password:" respectively.

Optionally, use two (or more) backup boxes for complete e-mail reliability; one on each of our independant mailservers.

For pricing, see our services page. A POP3 mailbox is now included free of charge in our basic hosting package.

If you wish to collect or read mail using the web, either from a mailbox provided by us or one from your ISP, try mail2web.com. You'll need your hostname, username and password.

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