tvScience Hosting - E-mail policy.

Virus Policy.

To protect our clients from Windows™ viruses we forbid relaying of certain files through our servers.

Currently we block incoming attachments which have the following extensions:
.ade .adp .ani .app .bas .bat .chm .cmd .com .cpl .crt .exe .fxp .hlp .hta .inf .ins .isp .js .jse .csh .ksh .lnk .mdb .mde .mdw .mdt .msc .msi .msp .mst .ops .pcd .pif .prg .reg .scr .sct .shb .shs .url .vb .vbe .vbs .wsc .wsf .wsh
In order to send files of this nature to tvScience clients, please rename them with a .dat extension before transmission. The filenames within ZIP files are checked in a similar way. For more information see this Microsoft™ article.

Spam Policy.

Unsolicited commercial emails (UCE), commonly known as SPAM is banned from relay through our servers. See our Hosting Terms & Conditions. We also take measures to prevent SPAM from being relayed to our clients.


Whilst the contents of any e-mail can never be considered secure, we do not retain the actual contents of any e-mail that passes through our servers. By law we log e-mail traffic and keep records of sources and destinations for three months; stored data includes the Subject: header, the filenames of attachments (but not the attachments themselves) and other technical details.

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