tvScience Hosting - Timeout Addresses.

As a service to our clients we offer a special range of time-limited email addresses like the following:

To use, replace NNNN with today's date in any of the following formats: YYYYMMDD, YYYYMM or YYYY, These are vaild for a limited time only. After that, mail bounces with a "Out of date address" error.

Each can be forwarded to any destination as with other email routing. Once set-up, no further action is needed as the rollover is automatic.

These are useful as an anti-SPAM measure in any of the following circumstances:

In all the above you may only want to accept replies for a limited time and not be bombarded by SPAM for years in the future. This facility is ideal for this.

There is a grace period after any particular date's expiry.


The examples below are produced from today's date of 11122023:

An alert spammer could easily deduce the currently valid addresses. This has never happened.

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