SMTP Posting.

Outgoing e-mail is sent on the Internet using the SMTP protocol.

A modest annual fee will enable you to deliver your e-mails, advert free, through our mail-server.

Many ISPs have been known to append advertising copy to the bottom of e-mails sent through them; test this by sending one to yourself. Additionally, some also restrict the number of mail recipients allowed per message.

Packages include a monthly bandwidth and recipient allowance, unused quota rolls-over for a further month. (Recipients are the people an e-mail is sent To:, plus the people who are Cc:'d, plus the people who are Bcc:'d). For pricing, see our services page.

Remote servers impose an upper limit for the size of messages (the smallest limit we have seen so far is: 10MB). To avoid unnecessary waste of your precious allowance, we recommend that messages should be less than 5MB in size (including all attachments).

Account holders, at no additional charge, can also operate opt-in mailing lists/newsletters for posting to a group of recipients. Our software handles all the subscribe/unsubscribe functions for you. Post your message to a special address which we will give you and it will be distributed, after moderation, to the current subscribers (who all count as recipients as far as your quota is concerned).

Account holders can also submit web-pages and sections of web-pages via e-mail. This is a quick and convenient method of updating any News/What's New/Blog section of your website.

Optionally, you may employ SPF for e-mail validation. It's also possible to enable these features if you send mail using a server with a static IP address.

Spamming is not permitted, see our Terms and Conditions for Internet Services.

NOTE: It's currently not possible to use any of these services via a web-based e-mail portal such as Yahoo!.

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